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Tuesday, 11-Aug-2009 05:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nureen's Birthday ... In Youtube..

Nureen Sophea's Birthday Bash..

Or Click Here

Sori sbb lambat.. harap menjadi kenangan manis untuk Nureen..

Semua gmbr2 daripada TKB- pls add the TKB link (from the left panel) to yr page..

Tuesday, 14-Jul-2009 07:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rinna ..Tepantas..

for Nureen Sofea's Bday..
Award TerTerpantas ..Azue..pencopot lepas dicopot Rinna!! hehe
Congrats..to Rinna .. being the 1st...

And Congrats Azue, for copoting so fast..Rinna award pun kene copot!! hehe


Dari kami.... yang tumpang seronok jumpa TKB, TLM & TLKL (Team little ketupatlemang)
Restoran JM Beriani

Friday, 26-Jun-2009 01:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Team Ketupat Bawang..let me just introduce them

Lovely TKB Ladies..trying not smiling back would be a vain..hehe
Beautiful Nureen Sofia..what a joy seeing her get celebrated..
I hope the tags here are not to be misconstrued by anyone as overrating the TKB. Just see the pic above, won't you be smiling too..? or at least you are now trying hard not to smile back..see what i mean when I wrote 'lovely people'?
What an honor to have TKB back but last night was in a bigger force, to celebrate Nureen Sofia's 5th year birthday (I am saving this birthday celebrations in the next post).

Just click on the TKB on the left and know more about each of these lovely ladies..

Friday, 19-Jun-2009 01:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Team Ketupat Bawang Raided Us...a Beautiful group...

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Team Ketupat Bawang (TKB) came, raided our party hall and they had so much fun. But little did they know, we at JM Bariani House Bangi too had fun serving them.

Imagine this, at 9.00am that day, I stumbled on http://shahwatie.fotopages.com/ and I saw so many beautiful smiles there..and saw tags that say they met often. What fascinates me was the smiling profile photos there and how they communicate on their happenings..so much fun activities there.. Instinctively i invited them to consider JM Bariani House Bangi as a meeting place..

Later that evening at the restaurant, I received a call from Azue http://azueriena.fotopages.com/, saying they'd be coming at 9pm that sameday..
True enough, 9pm TKB members came.. and I was amazed at how fast making new friends could be.. just about 12 hours and I met 8 TKB members, their husbands who are just fine gentlemen themselves and their beautiful children so taken up with their moms' fun gatherings. Those smiles that I saw 12 hrs before just CAME TO LIFE!!.. I was really amazed, wouldn't you be?

All this won't be possible without my new postings in Fotopages.. the power of photoblogging? hehe

Praises and smiles were plenty from TKB, and from the husbands (lemang group? hehe) on our cuisines.. Laughters and jokes get thrown about in the party area, even our shy Chefs took a peek or two at their fun gathering.

TKB seemed to light-up the place more than usual, and we thought our lightings were already bright..

TKB, you and yr family are so welcomed at JM Bangi again.. the joy and laughters you bring really makes our efforts worth the hours of trainings on service excellence and food excellence..

We are so glad you dropped by and hope to see you all again soon..

Thank you so much from the JM Bariani House Bangi team..

The pics below is from Dila of TKB.. http://dilabangi.fotopages.com/ pls visit her page to see more pics.. (thanks Dila)

Friday, 12-Jun-2009 08:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Birthdays at JM Bariani seksyen 9 Jalan PB2A B.B.Bangi

mee goreng kampong
Cool air conditioned
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Birthdays at JM Bariani House ensures everykids and parents are well taken care off. Parents may choose the beriani mutton & the tapai ice-cream, while the kids may choose pasta, chicken chops or again the delicious beriani.
Cakes are based on order to ensure freshness and the cool aircond is free

Let birthdays be celebrated where everyone enjoys their own Preferred Meals.

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